University Archive

Archive Item of the Month – December 2013

Priory Students 1924 (archive reference D373/1)

This month our item is a photograph of St Mary’s College students dressed for a Christmas party in 1924. They are referred to as “waitresses” on the back of the photograph, wearing “black sateen bodices and pink crêpe paper skirts”. The students lived at The Priory hostel on London Road, which has since been demolished. Before its use by St Mary’s and St Paul’s Colleges, it was a private residence once visited by the Duke of Wellington. It was also requisitioned during the First World War and used as a convalescent hospital for injured soldiers from the trenches.

Dressing up and acting were very much a part of College life for both the male and female students in the early twentieth century. We hold many photographs and programmes of productions by students in the University Archive. Please contact archive staff if you would like to find out more.

The Priory Senior Social Christmas 1923 (archive reference D373/3)

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