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‘Forest Dialect’ Research Project Internship opportunity

‘Forest Dialect’ is a Heritage Lottery funded research project which aims to uncover and describe the linguistic heritage of the Forest of Dean. The project is run by Dr Michelle Straw, Department of Humanities in collaboration with the Foresters’ Forest.

What are the main tasks the intern will be involved with?

  • To undertake preliminary research identify relevant documents related to the Forest of Dean – dialect, history of its speakers and its geography.
  • You will develop a number of skills to help with this work, bibliographic and referencing skills to produce a bibliography of archive materials, online sources written and spoken examples of the Forest of Dean dialect and its speakers.
  • Working with digitized oral histories of dialect speakers, you will edit and enhance sound quality, uncover speakers’ backgrounds and identify examples of Forest Dialect.
  • You will prepare blog posts or Facebook/Twitter entries showcasing some of the interesting things you have found.

What skills, training and ‘added value’ can the student gain from this opportunity?

  • Academic bibliographic and referencing skills
  • Archive experience
  • Information management and organization skills
  • Digitisation and sound editing skills
  • Communication skills – using written language for academic audiences, for general interest and developing engaging materials for social media audiences
  • Attention to detail, this work will help you develop excellent analytical skills

What qualities or skills are needed to take on this internship?

You may have some connection with the Forest of Dean. You may have lived, worked or visited or may just have an interest in the area. You will also have an interest in language, dialect or oral history work. Other qualities sought:
Able to work independently

Find out more about the project by visiting the Foresters’ Forest website page: Linguistic Landscape in Time and Space

University of Gloucestershire students can apply for this internship via the Future Plan portal on the Student homepage


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