Special Collections re-open

The Special Collections have re-opened in their new home – TC002B, Francis Close Hall. Here you can access the following collections:

  • Dymock Poets Special Collection
  • Whittington Press Collection
  • U A Fanthorpe Archive
  • Cyder Press Collection
  • Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail Archive
  • David Elyan Collection
  • Michael Henry Archive
  • Local Heritage Initiative Archive
Special Collections in their new home


The Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society Library and University Archive are currently in storage before moving to Delta Place in Cheltenham in the autumn, remaining closed to visitors until then. Over the last two weeks staff at FCH have been busy wrapping and packaging 1,110 boxes of books and archives! We look forward to unboxing these collections in their new home.

Move 2017 4
Before – Boxing up


Move 2017 5
After – Boxes safely moved to storage

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